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KUACJOK - 15 Oct 2019

Police in Gogrial receive training to curb crime

Police officers in Kuacjok enact a crime scene investigation exercise during training. (UNMISS)
Police officers in Kuacjok enact a crime scene investigation exercise during training. (UNMISS)

Law enforcement officers in Kuacjok town in South Sudan’s Gagrial State attended a two-day workshop on policing skills as they seek to curb crime and promote justice.

 Organized by the UN Police (UNPOL) Division serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in Kuacjok, the two-day training brought together over 30 participants, drawn from different units of police in the area.

The UN Mission reported on Friday that the training covered investigation tactics, besides curbing gender-based violence.

The UNPOL team leader in Kuacjok, Assistant Superintendent of Police William Ayaregah, noted that crime increases when proper investigation is not done, impeding the delivery of justice to poor people.

“We are training them on crime scene investigation and gender-based violence related matters so that they can manage cases according to international standards,” Mr. Ayaregah said.

 Colonel Manyual Angong Mabuoc, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Kuacjok, acknowledged the work of UNMISS, describing the training as a “well done job”.

 He said his department was paralyzed due to lack of training and insufficient tools of work.

 Meanwhile a female participant, Lieutenant Colonel Aciec Chan, urged South Sudanese authorities to recruit more women into police work, citing the ease with which women express themselves to female police officers during investigations.

 “There are confidential issues that a woman cannot speak about to a man at the investigation desk. Let women be recruited and trained so that they can handle or investigate fellow women,” Achan said.