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ABIEM - 9 Nov 2012

Priest in Abiem accused of impregnating girl

A foreign priest and teacher has been arrested in Abiem accused of impregnating a schoolgirl.

According to the parish council deputy chairperson Santino Garang Nhial, the teacher received an arrest warrant during evening hours from local police personnel on Wednesday.

He is accused of having impregnated a 15 year old school girl. The accused priest is also principal of the Christian school at Abiem.

Earlier the teacher had been warned by the parents-teachers association (PTA) because of supposed unfair treatment of the pupils at school. The school PTA also accused the priest of having
deposited the school money into his own account at the beginning of this year.

The police officer at Abiem is investigating the incident before taking it to the court. However, the parents of the girl have called on the police officer to allow the victim to pay 11 cows, according to a local rule, rather than moving the issue to the ‘high’ court.