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RUMTIIT - 22 Mar 2013

Returnees receive hand-pumps in NBeG

Recently relocated returnees in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal who were relocated from Maduany near the airport to the area of Rumtiit have received hand pumps after two months without access to safe water.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Saturday, a state member of parliament, Hon. Deng Ayom who represents both areas, stated that the returnees are some of those who travelled from Khartoum last year.

Toward the end of 2012, 500 households were move to Rumtiit after the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure under the Land and Survey Directorate assessed that the land the returnees were previously on in Maduany near the airport was officially considered a part of it.

Deng added that, “There have been three new hand-pumps plus three already used hand-pumps but all have been made to work by the state ministry of rural water and irrigation.”

Meanwhile, residents confirmed their arrival and called for the state government to provide them with other services such as schools, health centers and increased security.

Community leader, Kuol DauLual, criticised the government claiming that they were charged an unaffordable amount to be relocated to the new land.

“They over charged us more than 60SSP for one person to qualify for the land and most of us do not even have food to eat as our living conditions are so poor here.”

Another new resident, Nyanut Deng Ngong, added that the land assigned to the families is too small and cannot contain large buildings or even allow someone to plant trees in it. This is important, she added, as trees are a source of income as well as comfort in that, the fruit of mango trees, for example can generate income.

She added, “When I was in Khartoum, my house had neem and lemon trees and now I have that attitude of planting the same I had in Khartoum yet the compound is too small to accommodate them.”

South Sudanese returnees have been travelling from Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan to South Sudan since 2010, before the referendum on independence took place.  Many continue to make this journey although there are considerable logistical and financial challenges.

Photo: The only borehold in Nyukur area, Dalami Locality, South Kordofan (Radio Tamazuj).