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KHARASANA - 21 Mar 2013

Robbery of 128,000SDG and gold from ministry office in S. Kordofan

Unidentified armed robbers stormed the ministry of agriculture’s forestry department in Kharasana, South Kordofan on Monday night, stealing of 128,000 Sudanese pounds along with an ounce and a half of gold.

The discarded treasury box was found the following morning in a remote area.

Witnesses from the region said that the incident occurred using a donkey cart while staff went for Maghreb prayer at sunset. 

The staff were reportedly shocked to find the empty safe upon their return and the search for the perpetrators is still underway.

The incident is said to be the latest in a spate of assaults and thefts, a number of which have targeted traders in the region.  An armed robbery in the area last week resulted in the loss of medicine and drugs worth 8 million SDG.