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JUBA - 27 Oct 2015

S Sudan group asks citizens to submit names of loved ones killed in war for remembrance

A project led by an interethnic group of South Sudanese has published the names of 4179 people who haved died in South Sudan's wars, and is appealing to citizens to submit more names to honor the dead.

The list of names is available for viewing on this website titled, "Remembering the Ones We Lost."

The Remembrance Project has been collecting names for over a year, and aims to publish the names of all people killed in South Sudan since August 1955 up to now, including people killed during the 1955-1972 war, the 1983-2005 war, the current civil war, as well as in 2010 election violence, community violence, and other violence such as killings in fighting involving the Lord's Resistance Army.

"They were fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and children. Each of them cherished by their families and communities," the website reads. "This project is designed for one purpose: to honor the memory of each person who has died or gone missing during conflict in South Sudan."

The vast majority of the names collected, 4160 so far, are from the civil war which erupted in December 2013 and continues. The Remembrance Project has collected 1847 names from Juba and 1599 names from Bor from this war, but is not finished.

The group is appealing for citizens to send in more names of loved ones and relatives who have been killed so they can be published on the website. Those wishing to submit a name can use this online form. Names of both civilians and soldiers are welcome.

It is estimated that millions of people have been killed in all of South Sudan's combined conflicts.