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MARIDI - 15 Jan 2020

SPLA-IO commander urges fighters to report to training camps in Maridi

A senior SPLA-IO commander for Western Equatoria region has urged his forces to report to military training camps, a much-awaited step towards creating a unified army as part of the peace deal.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Tuesday, Alfred Futiyo, the SPLA-IO sector commander in the region said some of their forces in Tambura and Nagero areas have not reported to training camps in Maridi due to misunderstandings with division commander in the area.

“Those soldiers in the bush said they need another commander to come and take them to the training camps,” he said.

The senior SPLA-IO official appealed to his forces to report to the headquarters and demand for ranks during training, not in the bush.

The process of gathering fighters into military training camps with a view to forming a unified army has started in many parts of the country.

The number of states and transitional security arrangements are the key sticking issues to be addressed before parties form a unity government next month.