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South Kordofan - 22 Mar 2012

SPLM Misseriya vow to avenge death of Khairallah Ismail

Misseriya members of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement in South Kordofan have vowed to avenge the death of Khairallah Ismail at the hands of security authorities in last week.

'Ismail was assassinated by the security services soon after they arrested him, we will not let his death go in vain', said SPLM MIsseriya spokesman Matar Omar El Bashari.

'We want development and peace for the region, we are joining the Sudan Revolutionary Front and our message to Ahmed Haroun the governor of South Kordofan is watch out for retribution, the international criminal court will get him sooner or later.'

Ismail was arrested in El Muglad and taken to the security service headquarters where he was shot dead.