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KABILA - 9 Nov 2012

SPLM-N: Antonov down, rebels and army clash

The Sudan People Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) claims it shot down an Antonov airplane after it carried out air bombings in South Kordofan, on Wednesday, 7 November.

The bombings reportedly killed a child and destroyed a home in Kabila area, Habila locality, according to Sultan Khamees Soba. In addition, two other civilians got reportedly injured.

On the same day, SPLM-N spokesman Arnu Ngutulu Lodi, told Radio Dabanga that the movement ambushed and killed 10 Sudanese soldiers between Hajar-jawad and Angarko villages, on the Kadugli-Dilling highway early in the morning.

Antonov down

Lodi told Radio Dabanga that the SPLM-N shot down a government Antonov airplane after it carried out aerial bombings in several parts of South Kordofan. He added the plane crashed somewhere east of Lake Abied, Jau.

The spokesman asserted that the Sudanese Air Forces dropped eight bombs in Kauda at 2:30pm, one bomb in Hieban, four bombs in Kabila area, and 'several others' in Salara, Dilling county.

He stated that it became 'a daily activity for the Khartoum regime' to carry out aerial bombardments targeting villages in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Child died

According to the sultan, the bombings in Kabila area killed the four-year-old boy Hassan Osman Basha and destroyed the home of a lady called Jarida.

Besides, tens of cattle were killed and an area of about four squared kilometers of farms of millet, sorghum and sesame were burned, the sultan stated.

On his turn, Soba affirmed that an Antonov airplane dropped about six bombs on Wednesday morning in the areas of Kabila, Salara and Kujuria.

The airplane kept on flying and dropping bombs on these areas for about one hour, from 11am until 12pm on Wednesday, the sultan added.


Lastly, the SPLM-N claims it 'successfully destroyed' Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) patrolling forces on the Kadugli-Dilling highway, in which 10 SAF soldiers were killed and 18 got injured.

According to Lodi, one SPLM-N soldier also died during the clashes and two others got injured.

The spokesman added to Radio Dabanga that the movement destroyed four 'mounted Land Cruisers', while soldiers driving four other vehicles fled back to Dilling town.

The rebels also captured two 12.7 machines guns in 'good condition' and several AKM rifles, Lodi told Radio Dabanga.

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