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Hilversum - 1 Feb 2012

SPLM-N meets with Chinese delegation

On Monday a delegation from the Sudan People's Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) led by its Chairman, Malik Agar, along with the Secretary General, Yasir Arman, and the Treasurer, Ramdan Hassan, met with the Chinese Ambassador, Xie Xiaoyan, and two colleagues.

The Chinese delegates were instructed by their government to follow-up on the issue of the detained 29 Chinese workers and technicians who were constructing a road in the Abassya-Rashad area, where the Sudan government reportedly led a failed ambush against the SPLA-N.

In a press statement the SPLM-N leadership said it formed a three-person committee with Neroun Philip as the Chairperson and Hashim Orta from the SPLM-N humanitarian wing and Arnu Ngtulu Lodi, the official spokesperson of the SPLM-N, to secure the safety of the Chinese workers and to evacuate them in full coordination with the Chinese Government.

China's Ambassador expressed the appreciation of the Chinese Government of the SPLM-N’s understanding and cooperation and the need to continue the dialogue and the relations between the two.

The SPLM-N said it asked China to relocate citizens to areas outside of the war zones in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

The movement stated it calls upon China to contribute to the humanitarian operation and to ask Khartoum government to open safe corridors for humanitarian operations and access.

It also 'calls for China to support the SPLM-N’s demand of an international investigation into war crimes; to stop the genocide by Khartoum and the impunity that encourages more crimes against the Sudanese people, and to end the tragedy and misery of the Sudanese people and bring a just peace to Sudan.'