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JUBA - 24 Nov 2019

SSNMC’s spokesman resigns, citing loss of 'good standing'

File photo: SSNMC leader Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro
File photo: SSNMC leader Bangasi Joseph Bakasoro

The spokesperson of South Sudan National Movement for Change (SSNMC), Daniel Zingifuaboro has announced his resignation from the group.

In a letter addressed to SSNMC’s chairman, Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, Zingifuaboro claimed the group had developed “naïve” political strategy, abandoning its “good intentions”.

“Our political strategy is so naive that we have abandoned “good intentions” and “good will” for cheap, flawed, self-motivated and short-term political gains,” he wrote in a November 21, 2019 letter extended to Radio Tamazuj.

Zingifuaboro said SSNMC lost its good standing. “We are now not the organization which was established in the interest of the downtrodden,” he said.

“We are now not the organization needy folks hoped, trusted and had confidence in. We have lost, at least for now, our moral and political conviction and intelligence,” he added.

According to Zingifuaboro, the opposition group is “engaging in cheap politics of hatred and division”.

“We have, unfortunately, succumbed to the temptations and pressures of poverty, forgetting that it is in sacrifice that we would have found favour with God to truly serve his people,” he stressed.

Reacting to the resignation letter, SSNMC’s Chairman Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro denied accusations that the movement had abandoned its vision.

Bakosoro said that he had received the resignation letter from Zingifuabora following his announcement to quit the party. He added that Zingifuabora's departure from SSNMC will not affect the movement.

"He is in Europe and does not know the suffering of the people of South Sudan. He is just criticizing us because we are in Juba, but he is free to resign."