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JUBA - 28 Nov 2019

Stephen Buay’s lawyer to appeal against military court verdict

Photo: Stephen Buay
Photo: Stephen Buay

Philip Anyang Ngong, the defense lawyer for General Stephen Buay Rolnyang, has vowed to appeal the decision of the court martial.

General Buay, a former commander of the 5th infantry division, was arrested in Mayom County in May 2018, after being accused of trying to rebel against the government.

In August, the court found him guilty, stripped him of his rank, dismissed him from the army and sentenced him to one year in jail.

The president’s office on Wednesday announced that Buay had been stripped of his military rank, dismissed from the army and asked to go home after he completed his jail term.

“We will appeal the decision of the court martial, the confirmation of today (Wednesday) and the judiciary entirely. We are preparing for it,” Anyang told Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday.

The defense lawyer said the appeal would be filed within 15 days as required.

He insisted that there have been many inconsistencies, irregularities and there were a lot of questions during the trial process.

“It had drawn a lot of attention, political influence and there has been a lot of influence in the process itself,” Anyang stressed.