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Juba, Khartoum - 11 Apr 2012

Sudan and South Sudan mobilise forces and prepare for war

The government of Sudan calls on national mobilization of its forces against South Sudan. The South Sudanese parliament, in its turn, has urged its government to mobilise all the people and defend the nation.

Sudan accused its Southern neighbours of occupying Heglig, an oil field situated in South Kordofan in the disputed border region between Sudan and South Sudan. South Sudan accuses Khartoum of attacks in Teshwin yesterday.

'Heglig belongs to the South' 

Philip Aguer, spokesman of the South Sudanese Armed Forces (SSAF), confirmed that the South Sudanese army took control over Heglig. He said, however, that the siege started after the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) attacked the SSAF in Tashwin, a border town South of the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

Aguer said the SSAF will not withdraw from Heglig: 'it belongs to South Sudan'. 

Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein, in its turn, announced from Khartoum 'his army will not rest' before it recaptures control over Heglig. The Sudanese government said in an official statement it 'will react by all means' and warns of 'destruction' in South Sudan. 

Heglig was the last functioning oil well of Sudan. Sources told Radio Tamazuj that most of the fuel stations in the capital Khartoum now ran out of fuel and were closed by the end of Wednesday afternoon.

Halt of negotiations 

Sudan has pulled out all delegations to participate in African Union-mediated talks with South Sudan. The leaders of Sudan and Sout Sudan were supposed to meet on April 3 to reach an agreement on the disputed border regions and fees for the transport of oil from South Sudan crossing Sudan. 

The Sudanese government asked the UN Security Council to strongly codemn the ‘Southern occupation’ and to put the Southern government under pressure so they will withdraw from the what it calls Northern territories.