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TORIT - 13 Feb 2020

Torit governor sacks Ikotos County commissioner

File photo: Torit governor Tobiolo Alberio (Radio Tamazuj)
File photo: Torit governor Tobiolo Alberio (Radio Tamazuj)

The governor of South Sudan’s Torit State Tobiolo Alberio Oromo has sacked the Ikotos County commissioner.

Cirilo Akoyo Lowa was fired in a gubernatorial decree that was issued on Monday.

The state governor, in the gubernatorial decree that was announced on the state-owned radio, did not give reasons why the local official was sacked.

No successor has been named to replace Mr. Cirilo Okoyo.

Several youth posting on Ikwotos Mirror, a Facebook page, questioned why Governor Oromo sacked Akoyo without giving any reason.

The ex-commissioner confirmed his sacking, saying it may have been due to revenge killings that happened in Ikotos town two weeks ago.

He urged the youth to remain calm and accept his removal.