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YEI - 17 Nov 2019

Traders demand reorganization of Lutaya market, Yei River State

Traders at Lutaya market (Radio Tamazuj)
Traders at Lutaya market (Radio Tamazuj)

Traders at Lutaya market in South Sudan’s Yei River State have urged the relevant authorities to reorganize the market centre.

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Thursday, several traders at Lutaya market said they do not have enough space to sell their items.

Charity Antana, a local trader, said they sell local products in the market, but the space available is not enough for them.

“The market is good and currently traders from villages are bringing in local produces, including beans, cassava, sweet potatoes and many other produces,” Antana said.

Lillian Galaka, the headwoman for Hai Peace, said: “There are people coming from villages, but they have no space to sell their items in the market. The good thing is that roads are open and people are bringing goods to the market”.

She added, “I bought four cabbages being sold at 200 SSP, a bucket of cassava flour at 500 SSP and maize grains at 700 SSP. We want the government to clean the market so that traders and buyers can make transactions inside the market”.

Meanwhile, Ambala Dumba said he was happy that traders from the rural areas can now access markets in Yei town without paying taxes to soldiers at illegal checkpoints.

He, however, appealed to the state government to reorganize the market so that it can accommodate more traders.