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Kadugli - 26 Feb 2012

UN agency staff return to Kadugli

The UN announced that a team of various heads of agency staff returned to Kadugli, the capital of South Kordofan yesterday to assess the humanitarian situation.

An official said the public information office at the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs and the Food and Agriculture Organisation arrived safely in Kadugli by helicopter.

He said the access was facilitated to allow UN staff to assess the needs on the ground, and plan aid distribution to different parts of the state.

The official said the UN agencies require quick access to all affected areas, including areas controlled by rebels.

He added, ‘if we can not carry out a rapid humanitarian assessment, the situation will deteriorate quickly.’

UN agencies are waiting for a positive response from the Sudanese government on the joint proposal by the UN, Africn Union and Arab League, to deliver aid to the conflict areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.