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DIFFRA - 22 Apr 2016

UNISFA chief meets Misseriya, urges peace

The Force Commander and Acting Head of Mission for the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), Major General Hassan Ebrahim Mussa, said that his administration's priority is enabling peace between the Misseriya and Ngok Dinka communities.

Hassan spoke in Diffra yesterday during a meeting with Misseriya community leaders.

He applauded the two communities for starting grassroots peae initiatives and pledged the mission's full support for any agreements reached.

"We respect the agreements reached between the Ngok Dinka and the Misseriya communities because they need each other," General Hassan said, stressing that UNISFA has relaxed the disengagement line to enable the Misseriya free movement to graze their cattle in Dinka dominated areas based on the agreement.

The Acting Head of Mission regretted that the short rainfall this year was responsible for the hardship being experienced by the cattle herders and promised that UNISFA was working with the UN Agencies, Funds and Programs to address the issue of shortage of water stressing that broken pumps would soon be replaced.

He urged the two sides to agree on usage of the Noong market.

A similar meeting is planned for the Ngok Dinka community is to be held in Abyei Town on Friday, 22 April 2016.