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KUACJOK - 5 Dec 2019

Vulnerable women in Gogrial given goats, chickens

Vulnerable women in five counties of Gogrial State were given goats and chicken as part of the women empowerment project.

The Organization for Children Harmony (TOCH), a local NGO, aided 110 vulnerable women with support from Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) and Troicare.

Susan Achol Wek, a project coordinator with TOCH, said on Saturday that they managed to distribute 110 goats and 130 chickens to the vulnerable women as well as the heads of families in Yiethliet, Manyang, Ajiep, Alek and Mayom Totin counties of Gogrial State.

She said the project will empower the women, improve their living conditions and enable them send children to school.

Achol pointed out that most women in villages do not access radios, newspapers and social media to get updates on what is happening in the country, citing the peace process.

“Women in villages are not aware of all these things, only a few of us in town access radios, newspapers and the peace document, but those deep in villages cannot,” she said.

Achol said the community care and women empowerment project also trains women to know their rights in communities.