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JUBA - 11 Sep 2015

Warrap elders prepare peace sensitisation campaign

General Bona Bhang Dhol, one of the key members of the Dinka Council Elders and a close ally of President Salva Kiir, said Friday that the  elders in the state are preparing to launch a public awareness and sensitisation campaign to support implementation of the country's new peace deal.

“In the interest of peace, stability, unity of our people and the country, the Council of Elders has resolved to embark on the programs aimed at sensitizing the communities to support the government to implement the agreement,” he said.

Bona, who is also a Warrap state legislator, added that it was time to “put behind the past” and open a new page of reconciliation and forgiveness.

“Our people need to appreciate that our diversity should be the source of strengths not division,” said the member of the tribal group.

He pointed out one of the key messages the group will be spreading during sensitisation campaign would be calling on leaders “to place the interests of their people above their personal ambitions and to implement the peace agreement in good faith.”

He expressed regrets that the social fabric of the country been torn by conflict owing to the degree and level of cruelty and hostility during the past 20 months of conflict, characterized by attacks against civilians.

File photo: Akon North village, Warrap State (Creative Commons License/Flickr/hypermobility)