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WAU - 3 Dec 2019

Wau municipality warns against defying bus station relocation order

Authorities of the Wau municipality have warned that they will take measures against transport companies that violate a local order for relocation of bus stations outside Wau town.

The deputy mayor for land and environment affairs, Makuac Deng Madut, said on Friday that while some companies abided by the order, others violated this and they will be punished.

In August, several residents complained about the order taken by municipal authorities to relocate the parking area outside Wau town.

“There was an order issued by the municipality that all bus stations within the town go outside.  Some of the companies abided by this order, especially companies operating in Wau North, but those working in Suk Wau seem to be violating this order, which is not acceptable,” Madut said.

He added, “We have reached stages with this people and if we find people still operating in the old bus stations, we will withdraw their work permits because there is no businessman who violates what government says.”

Madut urged all transport companies that are still operating illegally in Wau market to move back to the eastern bank.

He said the municipality will soon launch a joint campaign together with all the security organs to implement the order.

Separately, Madut urged all garbage collection companies to be committed to avoid cancellation of their contracts.

“This is an order from the state to the existing garbage collection companies that if they do not remain committed, the state will sign a contract with other companies,” he stressed.

Efforts to reach the garbage collection companies were unsuccessful.