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MUNDRI - 16 Nov 2015

WES government reports peace pact between SPLA and Mundri citizens

The state government of Western Equatoria reports that citizens and soldiers in Mundri West County signed a peace pact with each other in during a church service on Sunday. This follows reports that a high-level church delegation arrived in Mundri last week.

Deputy Governor Bullen Abiatara said that the deal was meant to ease tensions between armed youths and army units in the area and to end a cycle of violence. “The youth and the army will refrain from any hostilities,” he said in an interview with Radio Miraya.

He said the agreement means that “the community will be able to live free to come back, to feel free to come back and continue with economic development.” Many civilians had fled the area.

Bullen also reported that the agreement requires SPLA to discipline soldiers found guilty of violating the rights of civilians. “The SPLA soldiers who have caused atrocities in Mundri will be disciplined by their command.”

Local administrators will discuss with youth leaders to solve the conflict. “We make a commitment to solve this conflict once and for all,” says the agreement. He also said they resolved to make an assessment of destruction so that affected citizens can be compensated for the loss of their houses, for example.

Bullen did not say who signed the agreement on behalf of the community and army. He also claimed a lot of people yesterday came home from the bush to Mundri town.


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