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YAMBIO - 27 Oct 2020

Western Equatoria women demand implementation of affirmative action

Several women from different political parties in Western Equatoria State called for the implementation of the 35% affirmative action for women in the state government.

Fozzia Barnaba of the SPLM party said when offered an opportunity, women can perform better. She called upon the women to unite and fight for their rights.

“To all the women in all the parties, all the political wings, my message to you is women who are there should be one. You should talk to your party as one voice. Women are no different either in Uganda, America or anywhere, we need to stand for our rights so that we all be one and demand for our 35% so that the implementation should be fulfilled,” Fozzia said.

Jully John of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) said her party needs to see the 35% representation of women in the government. She said, as women, they will not allow a man appointed in positions meant for women.

“What I need from government is support to the women in the new government because we are all in the agreement signed in Khartoum, and I need women to stand strong for our 35% so that we represented,” Jully said.

SPLM-IO’s Lucie Paul said they will continue to fight for their rights saying women are peacemakers.

“What I can tell the government in Western Equatoria State is in any party or any work where we have 35% for women, it should be for them without segregation. Whether educated or not we shall support and push them,” Luice Paul said.

Western Equatoria State governor Alfred Futiyo told the women that it will work with parties to make sure they implement the 35% affirmative action for women. 

“As SPLM-IO, we are going for a consultation meeting which includes women and youth,” Alfred Futiyo said. “They are going to talk on their behalf so everyone will have their percentage.”