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BOR - 21 May 2017

Woman killed in crossfire in Bor town

A woman was shot and killed in crossfire in Bor town when thousands of Dinka Bork youth who returned back from fighting in Boma State started shooting randomly in the air on Friday morning, according to local officials.

Deng Garang Deng, Commissioner of Bor Center and Simon Thon Ayuen, Commissioner of Bor west confirmed that the woman was killed in crossfire. According to the two officials, the woman died on her way to the hospital.

The two commissioners expressed their deep condolence message to the family and friends of the deceased and condemned the incident. “This random shooting has scared women and children,” said Thon.

For his part, Bor youth spokesperson, Ayuen Guet described the killing of the woman in Bor town as unfortunate. Guet called on the youth to silence the guns.