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AWEIL - 21 Nov 2019

Workshop on combating tribalism ends in Aweil

A one-day workshop on roles of communities and civil society leaders in fighting against tribalism and discrimination practices was concluded in Aweil State on Wednesday.

New Initiative for Community Education (NICE), a local organization based in Aweil State, organized the workshop attended by over 30 community and civil society leaders, with funding from Democracy International.

Majority of participants who attended the workshop expressed commitment to fight disunity and tribalism, which they said contributed to the outbreak of the conflict in 2013.

Ngong Uguak, who represented the chiefs, said they are willing to support efforts to bring South Sudanese together.

“We have understood that tribal discrimination will not take us forward,” he said, adding that it is their obligation as leaders to mobilize communities in the fight against tribalism.

Awut Kuel Kuel, a member of the Duluit Bol Deng community, said learned during the workshop that all tribes are equal.

On his part, Santino Deng Ngong from NICE said the workshop aimed at transforming tribes into peace agents, and not promoters of racial division.

He said racial discrimination should not exist in South Sudan.

“We observed what is happening in South Sudan; people are killing and dividing themselves. This was put forward for discussion to find the way forward,” Ngong said.

He urged the government help unite all the communities.