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IKOTOS - 5 Dec 2019

Youth leader killed in Ikotos County

A youth leader in Ikotos County of Torit State has been killed, a local official confirmed.

The county commissioner, Cirillo Akoyo Lowa told Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday that Mr. Lokoyok Aporu Magal of Lofayo village was beaten to death by Lojok Africa Lochacha, who is believed to be mentally sick.

“The mad person was tied with a rope and that was why the late went to untie him. Unfortunately, when he was untied, he took hard wood and beat Aporu to death on Saturday,” Akoyo said.

He added, “A mad person cannot do the compensation, except that his relatives will be expected to compensate the late”.

The local official pointed out that the killer is being detained to avoid more crimes.  He urged the public to be careful when dealing with mad people.

According to Otuho culture, when a mad person commits an offence like killings, among others, his or her family compensates the deceased’s family since the perpetrator is considered as someone who is unable to solve the problem.