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JUBA - 15 Oct 2020

Triple murder: mother collapses in court during son’s cross-examination

Babu Emmanuel Lokiri’s mother, Alice Noel, during cross-examination at the court in Juba on 15 October 2020. (Radio Tamazuj photo)
Babu Emmanuel Lokiri’s mother, Alice Noel, during cross-examination at the court in Juba on 15 October 2020. (Radio Tamazuj photo)

Alice Noel, the mother of Babu Emmanuel Lokiri, who is the prime suspect in the murder of three minor siblings collapsed during the cross-examination of her son in the high court today.

Babu Emmanuel had just admitted to going to his uncle’s home in the Rock City suburb where the three young girls were brutally killed in August. Babu, 24, is accused of murdering 9-year-old Lydia Edward, 7-year-old Blessing Edward and 4-year-old Nura Edward.

Babu’s mother, Alice Noel, is the second accused in the gruesome murder case that shocked the nation. She is accused of attempting to hide evidence and conceal the heinous crime her son allegedly committed.

Babu Emmanuel’s defense lawyer, Simon Akeny, told Radio Tamazuj after the court session that his client is innocent and attributed his client’s earlier admittance of the crime to shock, “The accused is innocent. Even what he said in court today was not clear because he is still in shock. If you are accused of being a criminal when you are not it affects you.”

“If you realized he does not even know about the killing. He went to the home for only ten minutes and left,” Simon Akeny said. “The accused recanted his statement. From the beginning, the court of public opinion and on social media like Facebook people started judging the accused even before the formal charges. So he was in shock and needed time to come out of shock before he could tell the truth. Now he is more stable and is telling the truth.”

When asked why the mother of the first accused fainted during cross-examination, defense lawyer Simon Akeny said it was because her son was saying something close to the case under pressure.

“Maybe she was shocked that her son was saying something close to the case. So she collapsed out of shock. This is something ordinary that happens because you see the son and the mother charged in court at the same time,” Akeny said.

Akeny said the court case is clear and his client still has something to say after which the second accused will also be put on the stand tomorrow.

Kur Lual, the lawyer of the murdered children’s family, said the case was progressing well and that today’s sitting was to cross-examine the first and second accused.

“This will continue tomorrow (Friday) and it should be conclusive. It is a clear cut criminal case that the court is working on,” Kur LuaI said. “I am a lawyer so I do my work but the judge will make the final ruling.”

Boutros Yai, the counsel for public rights at the ministry of justice, said today’s sitting was to listen to the two accused.

“After that, the court sitting was adjourned to tomorrow and we will see what will happen then. The court is expected to make a decision on the case tomorrow. From our perspective, the trial has been proceeding very well and there are no problems,” Boutros said.