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JUBA - 20 Oct 2020

Triple murder trial: Lawyers to make final submissions on Friday

High court judge, Duoth Kulang, on Monday adjourned the trial of Babu Emmanuel Lokiri, the principal suspect in the murder of three juvenile sisters to Friday after the court cross-examined three defense witnesses.

Defense lawyer Simon Akeny said that yesterday the court listened to and cross-examined three defense witnesses; Holy Emmanuel a sister of the accused, Emmanuel Lokiri, the father of the accused, and Chaplain Nyarsuk, an uncle of the accused who is a Prison Officer.

“We listened to the defense’s case and three defense witnesses. And we as the defense side have closed our case today to the effect that our client, Babu Edward Lokiri, is innocent,” Simon Akeny said. “So we are now left with the final submission. We shall write the things we want to prove that the suspect did not commit the crime.”

“The prosecution will also write theirs to prove that the suspect committed the crime. The court will go and sit down and examine all the issues that have come up during the trial and then make their final decision. This will happen after the sitting on 23rd October 2020. The hearing of 23rd is a final submission by lawyers. We will bring our reports and submit them to the court,” Akeny added.

Kur Lual, the lawyer of the murdered children’s family, said the cross-examination of the three defense witnesses took place in a smooth and orderly manner.

Boutros Yai, the counsel for public rights at the ministry of justice, said the high court listened to all the defense witnesses, “So the judge adjourned the court sitting to the 23rd for final submissions from both sides.”